Frequently Asked Questions

What is SOMOS Community Care (formerly Advocate Community Providers)?

SOMOS Community Care is a network of nearly 3,500 providers in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn who have come together to ensure better health care for Medicaid members.

We are one of 25 networks across New York State that have been chosen to lead this statewide health care initiative. SOMOS Community Care is the only physician-led network. Our doctors are in your community. We speak your language and understand your culture.

What will SOMOS Community Care do for me?

The goal of SOMOS Community Care is to bring you better care and to make it easier for you to stay healthy. We’ll coordinate with your doctors and specialists, help you make appointments, avoid extra tests, fill prescriptions and answer your questions.

Who is paying for these new services?

The services and care coordination provided by SOMOS Community Care are covered under Medicaid. There is no new or additional expense to you.

These services are provided through a joint effort of state and federal government called the Delivery System Reform Incentive Program (DSRIP). The main goal of DSRIP is to reduce avoidable hospitalizations by 25% over 5 years.

What has changed?

This approach is focused on building strong patient-doctor relationships that encourage open communication and help you stay healthy through better preventative care. SOMOS Community Care will help you make appointments, coordinate tests, fill prescriptions, and answer questions. Your doctors and specialists will be able to share records electronically for better collaboration. We want to make it easier for you to stay healthy.

Who is included in the SOMOS Community Care network? Do I have to join?

You do not have to join. SOMOS Community Care is a network of community physicians like yours. By making an appointment with your SOMOS Community Care primary care physician, you automatically benefit from these new services.

Who are the physicians in the SOMOS Community Care network?

The physicians in the SOMOS Community Care network are your community doctors. They live in your neighborhood, speak your language and understand your culture. Through the SOMOS Community Care network, local, independent physicians are able to work together and share resources to serve you and your family better.

What do I have to do?

You do not have to do anything! Simply visit your regular SOMOS Community Care physician and our care manager will contact you depending on your doctor recommendations and medical needs.

How can I join SOMOS Community Care?

SOMOS Community Care is a network of physicians only. Physicians and providers can contact SOMOS Community Care for more information at 844-227-7772.

What is DSRIP?

New York State’s "Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program" (DSRIP) will help you, your doctors and other health care providers work together better to serve your health care needs. DSRIP is a program in which doctors, clinics, hospitals, medical and community services in your area work together to build a better health care system. This will help you get better health care. These groups of providers are forming what is called a "Performing Provider System" (PPS). PPS providers – including SOMOS Community Care – have worked to understand what your community needs to improve health care.

To read more about DSRIP from the New York State Department of Health, click here. For a glossary of DSRIP-related terms, click here

DSRIP at a Glance

Still Need Help? Please call the DSRIP Call Center at 1-855-329-8850 Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. If you need help in a language other than English, call 1-855-329-8850 and tell the Consumer Services Specialist. Help is free. TTY: 1-800-662-1220.

Certificate of Public Advantage (COPA)

The PPS has submitted an application for a Certificate of Public Advantage (COPA) to establish appropriate state supervision for purposes of creating state action immunity under state and federal antitrust laws for collaborative activities pursued in connection with DSRIP. The COPA application sets forth the goals and objectives of the PPS relating to its participation in the DSRIP Program, along with the nature and scope of activities and cooperation likely to be included to achieve those goals and objectives as described in its PPS DSRIP Application. Information about the PPS’s DSRIP and COPA applications are available here:

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